The New Color Trend is Here and it’s Adorable!

With all the low-maintenance color trends going on right now (ombre, balayage, bombre, etc.) “Babylights” is the new adorable buzz word for color that begs to ask the question “Does she or doesn’t she?”

“Babylights” is a term coined by a British colorist, Jack Howard. As the name suggests, Babylights are a technique that is meant to mimic the vibrance of children’s hair. BabyLightsThey are micro-fine highlights placed throughout the hair in a slightly warmer and lighter shade than the client’s natural color.  The youthful result gives a subtle all over new brightness, adds radiance to the client’s complexion, and brings back the shimmer that fades from our hair as children.  This trend is very suitable for clients new to color and looking to try highlights for the first time or did not like the maintenance that comes with having traditional highlights as they grow out. Here are a few examples I have gathered from around the web.Babylights

Babylights have the most impact on medium brunettes to blondes. This color technique can also be incorporated with the other natural color trends like the balayage to create a completely custom color which still looks 100% natural. Since Babylights are placed so finely, they grow out incredibly gracefully.

Suggested maintenance is 12 weeks and pricing starts at $115.

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