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Getting The Most Out of Your Hair Appointment

It’s a new year and you’ve decided you want to change your hair color…like, really change it. So you call your hair salon to book an appointment. You know what you want, but more than likely you don’t know exactly what process is involved in achieving your desired result.


A stylist’s day runs tightly by appointments so in order to get the most out of your appointment, you need to directly convey what your hair needs are when you book with the receptionist. Dramatic color changes usually require a minimum of 3 hours (Kim Kardashian was reportedly in the salon for 6 hours before she debuted her gold locks).

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If you’ve found a photo of something you like, along with bringing the picture to your appointment, email it to the salon first with the subject line “Attn: (Your Stylist)” and a brief description. This will give your stylist the opportunity to give you more feedback and make sure s/he has the proper inventory. Then when you call to make your appointment, you can let the receptionist know that you emailed the salon prior, and he or she may already be informed what to book for your appointment.

Here are some quick tips when making your appointment:

The Basics

When going all over lighter:
For Virgin Hair – Be sure to book a Full Single Process versus a Single Process which is usually roots (re-growth) only. Or you may need to book Full Highlights depending on the desired result.

For Previously Colored Hair – A Double Process is usually what is necessary. A deep conditioning treatment is recommended.

For Fantasy Colors: (Pink, Blue, Purple, Aqua, etc.) Give the receptionist a basic description when you call ahead such as “pink streaks” or “blue ombre” etc. It is imperative to get a deep condition treatment after coloring fantasy colors.

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For best results, ask your stylist what he or she recommends for after care, (e.g. he or she may suggest waiting a certain time before you first shampoo) and go over products to be used for at-home maintenance. The products you are currently using may not be enough for your new color. For example, with blondes a stylist may suggest using a violet based shampoo to help the color stay brighter longer. Other colors may require a different type of shampoo or conditioner, etc.

These basic tips will assist you in getting the most out of your hair appointment and get the closest to your desired look.