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Olaplex is a Game Changer in the Hair World

I stopped into Oribe Salon in South Beach, Miami a couple months ago. While I was getting my hair styled by Elvio, who’s worked on the locks of Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, & Naomi Campbell amongst others, I asked him what is the biggest thing right now the world of Oribe. Without a pause, his answer was Olaplex. I was aware of this new product and had heard some of the claims but until recently did not fully understand it’s potential.

What is it? Olaplex is a single-ingredient wonder created by chemist Craig Hawker, the co-director of the Materials Research Lab at the University of California Santa Barbara. Hawker is a nationally recognized scientist, and his research group is focused on molecular engineering, specifically as it applies to biomaterials and energy, but this was Hawker’s first invention contribution to the beauty world.

What this mean to all of us?  When chemicals are used in the hair, from coloring, peroxide developers, or straightening treatments, the sulfur bonds split, and then become sulfur hydrogen. This process can eat away at the hair proteins, which causes sever damage and results in “fried” hair.  Olaplex prevents the splitting from happening. In short, Olaplex links broken bonds in the hair making hair coloring safer, and helps eliminate hair breakage during the coloring process.


Well, now it’s here at DnA Salon, and I could not be more thrilled! It has completely opened a new palette of options that were almost impossible to reach until now. No more broken hair for temporary “fantasy” colors or waiting weeks in between to go lighter.  The product can also be used alone as a treatment to help erase past damage from processing or heat damage.  Olaplex is the answer to our Hairgod’s prayers!

This is my client, Morgan's [dark brown natural] hair with previous damage, colored to an aqua jade green with Olaplex.
This is my client, Morgan’s [dark brown natural] hair with previous damage, lightened and colored to an aqua-jade green with Olaplex.
To make an appointment call 215-925-1881 or book online.  Mention this post and receive 10% off any Olaplex color service until September 1, 2015.


I recently created an editorial styled photo shoot at DnA Salon. I was inspired by the Northern Liberties neighborhood; it’s history and future. The name, NEOTERIC DÉMODÉ, is essentially an oxymoron meaning New-age/Vintage.  The result was mixed ultra modern styles with a somewhat gothic victorian mood. The photographer, Sachi Anand, captured the vibe I was going for perfectly! Jewelry for the models was provided by local designer, sticks+ stones, and is all available for purchase from www.stickstonestyle.com/ or in store at Ritual Ritual – 819 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

A big thanks to DnA Salon and  everyone that helped make this possible!

Here it is!








Sharpening My Cutting Skills with Celebrity Hair Stylist, Nick Arrojo.


It was a pleasure to attend a cutting class with celebrity hair stylist, Nick Arrojo, from TLC’s TV show “What Not To Wear.” He shared a lot of valuable knowledge and insights to become successfull in the hair stylist industry. It was great to chatting  with him after the show.  He is a really down to earth guy.




IMG_3315   IMG_3321



Nick Arrojo is a celebrity hair stylist based in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City.
Born in Manchester, England, Arrojo worked as a stylist for Vidal SassoonWellaInternational, and Bumble & Bumble salons before starting his own studio in downtown Manhattan in September 2001, the Arrojo Studio, which encompasses Arrojo Education and Arrojo Product. He was the hairstylist on TLC’s What Not To Wear (a makeover reality television series) for seven years. He recently released his own product line, Arrojo, and is currently working on several how-to books. He is also involved with Wella’s “Trend Vision 2006” project. 
Some of Arrojo’s celebrity clients include supermodels Melissa KellerYamila Diaz, and Karen Ferrari; actors Minnie Driver and Liev Schreiber; musicians Bryan Adams and Bernard Sumner; and British comedian and performer Victoria Wood.
Arrojo taught the art of hair coloring to Queer EyeKyan Douglas. Arrojo was the resident stylist on TLC’s What Not to Wear ; he left in 2009 during the show’s seventh season. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)


Love is in the Hair

A Simple Way To Get Romantic Waves.

In honor of St. Valentine’s Day, I’m going to discuss the best way I have found to get smooth, shiny waves and minimize the use of hot tools. This technique works best on hair that is past the shoulders or longer. You will need are a 5 or 6 piece set of cotton headbands and 3 or 4 sectioning clips. These are something every girl should have in her bathroom on hand anyways as they are useful for so many hair dilemmas.


Next, you want to shampoo and condition your hair as usual. After the hair is washed and blotted dry with a towel, apply your leave in or frizz controlling product of your choice from mid-strands down to the ends. Since my hair is thick and has a medium wave texture, I like to use Paul Mitchell Super skinny serum and Neuma Argan oil treatment together. If you have a fine or straight texture, I recommend using a curl cream, mousse or even a frizz serum mixed with a small amount of hair gel.

neuma superskinnyserum


Then you will need to get your hair about 80% dry with a blow dryer concentrating on the root area. Use a vent or paddle brush with medium tension, pulling roots upward and using the round of your head as a surface to smooth them against. Once your hair feels evenly dry at the roots and just slightly damp on the mid-strands and ends, quickly divide your hair into 3 or 4 sections depending on the thickness of your hair twist the hair tightly and secure with clips. This step is important because it will let the hair that is now only slightly damp rest without drying differently then the other sections you are working on.

Now you can start wrapping the hair with the headbands. Un-clip one section and divide it into smaller sections using your fingers. The larger the section, the looser the waves will be. It is important to make sure the sections are all roughly the same size. A 2-3 inch thick section is a good rule of thumb. Run the brush once through your hair then begin to twist the hair. You don’t need to twist it too tightly, just enough that it stays together. Then holding the ends with one hand, wrap the hair around the middle of the cotton head band until it is almost at the root and tie the ends together. Continue this step until all the hair is wrapped. I like to spray a light hairspray all over to help tame the flyways over night. Then just go to bed!

When you wake up, remove the headbands.  Use your blow dryer on a low speed and gently go over your hair with it to ensure your hair is fully dry then rake your fingers through your hair. You may need to touch up the front or ends with a large barrel curing iron. Another quick mist of hairspray and some shine spray and you’re all ready for a romantic night with your sweetie! Try it out and let me know what you think!


The Sexiest Look On a Man

The “Tailored” Cut.

Men’s hair has recently took on a vintage flair. The new styles are a nod to the 1950’s, with precise and cleaner cuts, lower fades, and more length on top that they are rocking with strong volume combed back or a sharp side part. Women are definitely taking notice, and we like what we see.

1950-mens-hairstyle-011 1950s

If you’re a guy that’s ready to try this new style, it is important to understand that if it is dramatically different then what you are used to wearing, it may be a bit of a “training” process to get the hair to lay the direction you want it to. The right hair product and a comb are imperative.


So what do you think about the new inspiration for men’s style?

Get Gorgeous with Coconut Oil

If you haven’t heard, coconut oil is a miracle beauty product. Not only is it completely natural, it is also very affordable and easy to obtain. You can pick it up at almost any grocery store in the ethnic food isle near other oils or at any health store. A 16oz. jar retails for under $9.00.

What I find to be so great about coconut oil is it’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties among others. This means it is can aid many different skin conditions. It is gentle and safe for humans and animals (I work it into my dog’s short fur after bathing to combat his dry winter skin and it smells great).

There are a myriad of health and beauty benefits of this oil. I have been using coconut oil mainly as a daily part of my skin care regimen and I have been thrilled with the results. I love it because this one product does so many of the same things I use to use multiple products for, but better. I use it to remove my makeup before I cleanse my face, as a total body moisturizer, and to shave. There are hundreds of other uses you can find online plus recipes for soaps, scrubs, even deodorant, but just using it by itself has made such a difference for me.

If you are prone to breaking out like myself, it may seem strange to use oil on your face and I will admit the first time I applied it I thought it was too greasy and was skeptical of the results, but it does absorb and when I woke up I wasn’t greasy at all, and my skin felt soft and glowing. Ever since then, I don’t get the breakouts I use to get and I truly feel that my skin has found a “balance” that it was missing before. It also does a better job at removing my makeup which helps keep my skin clear.

At night, after my face is cleansed and toned (I use a rosewater and lavender oil infusion to tone), I put a generous amount of the oil on my face, neck, and especially the eye area. It helps with fine lines and to condition lashes which a regular moisturizer can’t do. Be aware it can stain pillow cases! In the morning I like to mix coconut oil with an spf 30 facial moisturizer which makes it a little lighter and absorbs faster.

These are just a few ways I use this amazing product. Please comment with your favorite uses! Coconut oil…simple, easy, affordable, beautiful.

Getting The Most Out of Your Hair Appointment

It’s a new year and you’ve decided you want to change your hair color…like, really change it. So you call your hair salon to book an appointment. You know what you want, but more than likely you don’t know exactly what process is involved in achieving your desired result.


A stylist’s day runs tightly by appointments so in order to get the most out of your appointment, you need to directly convey what your hair needs are when you book with the receptionist. Dramatic color changes usually require a minimum of 3 hours (Kim Kardashian was reportedly in the salon for 6 hours before she debuted her gold locks).

#kim Blonde

If you’ve found a photo of something you like, along with bringing the picture to your appointment, email it to the salon first with the subject line “Attn: (Your Stylist)” and a brief description. This will give your stylist the opportunity to give you more feedback and make sure s/he has the proper inventory. Then when you call to make your appointment, you can let the receptionist know that you emailed the salon prior, and he or she may already be informed what to book for your appointment.

Here are some quick tips when making your appointment:

The Basics

When going all over lighter:
For Virgin Hair – Be sure to book a Full Single Process versus a Single Process which is usually roots (re-growth) only. Or you may need to book Full Highlights depending on the desired result.

For Previously Colored Hair – A Double Process is usually what is necessary. A deep conditioning treatment is recommended.

For Fantasy Colors: (Pink, Blue, Purple, Aqua, etc.) Give the receptionist a basic description when you call ahead such as “pink streaks” or “blue ombre” etc. It is imperative to get a deep condition treatment after coloring fantasy colors.

             #blueombre#fantasy color

For best results, ask your stylist what he or she recommends for after care, (e.g. he or she may suggest waiting a certain time before you first shampoo) and go over products to be used for at-home maintenance. The products you are currently using may not be enough for your new color. For example, with blondes a stylist may suggest using a violet based shampoo to help the color stay brighter longer. Other colors may require a different type of shampoo or conditioner, etc.

These basic tips will assist you in getting the most out of your hair appointment and get the closest to your desired look.