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10 Easy Hair Hacks

Here are some of my useful hair tricks and secrets I share with my clients.

1. Squeeze excess water out of hair with a towel after shampooing before conditioning instead of just using your hands to help the condioner penetrate move effectively.


2. Ease up on Bioten in the Spring/Summer and beef back up on it (2.5mg) in the Fall/Winter. Unless your bikini waxer is your best friend, bioten makes ALL of your hair grow faster. Not particularly desired during warm months. hacks6

3. On days you aren’t washing your hair, use a t-shirt to wrap hair up under a shower cap to prevent the frizz from the steam.


5. Use a “top-knot” burn form to preserve and quickly tie up a blow-out without leaving dents.


6. Use 1 part apple cider vinegar and 1 part water once a month to rinse hair of buildup and add shine instead of clarifying shampoo.hack4

7. Dilute sunscreen with water in a spray bottle and mist on hair to prevent color fade from the sun.


8. Wash just the very top crown of your hair in the sink with the rest of your secured and out of the way and restyle for a fresh hair look on short time.


9. Before dipping in chlorine water, soak hair with clean water to block and repel the chlorine.

hair hacks8

10. Never set hot tools above 350 degrees and mist hair lightly with a flexible hold hairspray before you curl or flat iron to aid in styling hair without excess heat.

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