Fast Track to Long & Healthy Hair


The formula to achieve long healthy hair, in addition to avoiding excessive heat and chemical processing, is to speed hair growth, but also avoid breakage.

Here are 10 tips split in 2 categories of “Growth & Breakage”.

How to speed hair growth:

Bioten supplements 5000mcg – As soon as cold weather approaches and the days of bare legs are over, I always incorporate Bioten into my daily supplement routine. Look for a Bioten supplement with 5000mcg.
Drink Water – Yes, water makes everything grow better. Aim for 8 8oz servings daily starting as soon as you wake up.blog2
Eat Protein – Chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, etc. It provides hair with essential vitamins needed to grow. Aim for at least 40g daily.blog3
Vitamin B – This vitamin makes hair grow strong and healthy. Without vitamin B, hair becomes dry and brittle. Check your multivitamin to see if it has 100% of your daily value. A good natural source of vitamin B are bananas and peppers.blog4
Exercise – Exercising increases bloodflow which aids in hair growth. It also helps relieve stress which can cause hair loss.blog6


How to avoid breakage:

Trims – Frequent small trims are essential to keep the split ends at bay. When ends start to split they do not stop splitting and continue to gradually move up the hair shaft until they are properly cut off.blog8
Use gentle shampoo and limit washing to every other day – A gentle shampoo preserves the integrity of the hair. Just as you wouldn’t wash a delicate sweater with dish soap every time you wore it, your hair should be treated with the same  care. A sulfate free shampoo is a must.blog13
Tight pony tails – Tight hair ties are the number one culprit of breakage and flyaways. Buy no metal fabric hair ties and never tie your hair up wet as it constricts as it dries.blog9
Deep conditioning – A deep conditioning mask every week will restore moisture to dry ends and help prevent split ends. I like to switch between a Kpak conditioner and natural coconut oil.blog11

Brush hair gently using a wet brush – A “wet brush” has soft and flexible bristles that gently detangles hair even when it is wet to prevent hair from snapping. They can be purchased at DnA Salon.blog10

These are 10 basic tips you can incorporate in your routine to help your hair be as healthy as it can be.blog14