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Get Gorgeous with Coconut Oil

If you haven’t heard, coconut oil is a miracle beauty product. Not only is it completely natural, it is also very affordable and easy to obtain. You can pick it up at almost any grocery store in the ethnic food isle near other oils or at any health store. A 16oz. jar retails for under $9.00.

What I find to be so great about coconut oil is it’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties among others. This means it is can aid many different skin conditions. It is gentle and safe for humans and animals (I work it into my dog’s short fur after bathing to combat his dry winter skin and it smells great).

There are a myriad of health and beauty benefits of this oil. I have been using coconut oil mainly as a daily part of my skin care regimen and I have been thrilled with the results. I love it because this one product does so many of the same things I use to use multiple products for, but better. I use it to remove my makeup before I cleanse my face, as a total body moisturizer, and to shave. There are hundreds of other uses you can find online plus recipes for soaps, scrubs, even deodorant, but just using it by itself has made such a difference for me.

If you are prone to breaking out like myself, it may seem strange to use oil on your face and I will admit the first time I applied it I thought it was too greasy and was skeptical of the results, but it does absorb and when I woke up I wasn’t greasy at all, and my skin felt soft and glowing. Ever since then, I don’t get the breakouts I use to get and I truly feel that my skin has found a “balance” that it was missing before. It also does a better job at removing my makeup which helps keep my skin clear.

At night, after my face is cleansed and toned (I use a rosewater and lavender oil infusion to tone), I put a generous amount of the oil on my face, neck, and especially the eye area. It helps with fine lines and to condition lashes which a regular moisturizer can’t do. Be aware it can stain pillow cases! In the morning I like to mix coconut oil with an spf 30 facial moisturizer which makes it a little lighter and absorbs faster.

These are just a few ways I use this amazing product. Please comment with your favorite uses! Coconut oil…simple, easy, affordable, beautiful.